Cirith Ungol - The Orange Album Digipak CD

Cirith Ungol - The Orange Album Digipak CD

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This is a piece of heavy metal history, shedding light on the origins of Cirith Ungol’s sound in its embryonic, evolutionary stage and featuring four lead vocalists.  After being unavailable in any format for more than four decades, freshly remastered by Bart Gabriel but otherwise entirely true to the original release The Orange Album now sees the light of day once again. 

Track listing:

  1. Show You All
  2. High Speed Love
  3. Neck Romancer
  4. Use Me
  5. Bite of the Worm
  6. Witchdance
  7. King Tut Uncommon
  8. Atom Smasher
  9. We Know You're Out There
  10. Witsucker
  11. Route 666